Title Online Marketing Specialist
Salary DOE
Location Fountain Valley
Job Information

The Online Marketing Specialist is responsible for being the “face” of Local Splash. This job requires making outbound calls and reaching out to current clients that present an opportunity to upsell AdWords; acts as a liaison between Local Splash and clients and is also responsible for processing orders as well as addressing any account errors, client concerns, account billing, cancellations and any other inquiries.

Core Responsibilities

Adwords Campaign Management:

• Review all client accounts and identify opportunities to introduce Adwords and/or growing Adword campaigns
• Contact and reach clients that present an opportunity for introducing and/or growing Adwords campaigns
• Perform upsells at any opportunity on calls with clients
• Establish goals and metrics for account upsells and new Adspend with the department manager
• Manages and optimizes upsold Adword campaigns
• Provide monthly reporting and touch point to Adwords clients

Client Voice Messages / emails – Responding

• Directly follow-up with client requests (voicemail & email)
• Greet clients warmly describe reason for calling
• Leave clear voicemails and use tactful persistence in attempting to speak with difficult to reach persons


• Facilitate updates to accounts: Address / Pictures / Content / Keywords
• Arrange Google calls and or fix minor Google problems
• Facilitate pin verifications for Google
• Make updates to client data through our user interface (Back Office system)
• Enter new billing information and process payments

Issue Identification & Escalation

• Identify trends and issues in data and metrics being tracked
• Escalate as may be appropriate to department head

Day to day operations

• Respond to emails/reminders internally
• Identify and escalate priority issues to department head
• Document all call information in the Back Office system
• Update all information as may be required in other locations (e.g., Google  spreadsheets)
• Must be able to perform “back-up” functions for employees that are absent

Special Projects

• Perform tasks as defined by Management for tests or projects as selected
• Test new procedures

Metrics & Data Tracking

• Track time for all activities performed to assist management with operations decisions (4-D timer)
• Capture / entry of all other data as may be requested by management to facilitate operations

Job Requirements

• AdWords certified
• Advanced knowledge of local SEO
• Type 30-50 WPM
• Excellent communication skills
• Advanced computer skills
• Customer support skills
• Basic knowledge of Excel
• Bilingual in English & Spanish – excellent writing skills
• Attendance and Dependability: Employee can be depended on to report to work at  the scheduled time and is seldom absent from work. Employee can be
depended upon to complete work in a timely and accurate manner
• Sales experience/ability

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