If you are interested in having an online presence, you need to have a website that appeals to your target market and is professionally built. The website should be attractive and have custom website design across major search enginesall the required features to pursue an effective internet marketing strategy. Your website design should reflect your business objectives or your online goals. A clear understanding of what you want to achieve with your website is the first step to creating an effective online presence. It is recommended that you have a custom website design built to provide a unique and powerful web presence. That is exactly what Local Splash provides its customers.

Local Splash’s custom website design (CWD) allows for many options. Every website  created has a different objective and is custom crafted for each client. The choice made depends on what you want to accomplish.

At Local Splash we provide two different types of optimized pages for our clients. We have a Geo-Targeted Landing Page, an affordable but basic site that provides visitors with necessary  information about your business. The second product is a Custom Website Design (CWD), which focuses on your business objectives and promotes the branding of your company. It not only presents a unique look for your website but also helps by offering important tools and features.

For example, a website for a tree trimmer, a doctor’s office, and a professional cleaner might differ in their designs and require different elements not offered by most templated websites. They also require optimization for completely different service fields and/or products. As an example, see the website shown below for a tree trimmer. There is a limited number of services provided allowing the content to focus more on their experience and expertise.

localsplash custom web design page

An alternative, seen here, is a professional cleaner which provides many different services and the content and focus is on the products and services provided rather than their expertise.

professional cleaning custom website design

A key advantage of a custom website and the options it affords is its flexibility. It offers exact solutions for your specific needs and helps build an attractive and effective website. Keep in mind: if you want to build your brand online, your website needs to be easy to navigate. This is possible using a custom website design with a properly optimized page layout, easy to follow page navigation, a search engine friendly data structure, and an eye-catching design.

Here are 4 main benefits you receive when choosing Local Splash for your Custom Website Design:

  • Adaptability – Your custom site will have all the features you need for the marketing of your business and building your brand online.

  • Unique design – Local Splash’s original, eye-catching, custom site design will help your business stand out from your competition.

  • SEO optimized – With Local Splash, your site is SEO optimized and search engine friendly to promote high ranking on all major search engines.

  • Scalability – Your CWD architecture allows for changes, improvements, and upgrades for adding as your business grows.  From contact us forms to custom photo galleries there is a vast array of additional features you can add to your custom website.

custom website design across multiple types of devices

In addition to the above, there are a number of other support elements available with Local Splash’s Custom Website Design (CWD). One of those is website management. Once Local Splash has created your custom website, we include a once a month revision opportunity for any changes you want in your site. Whether it’s adding photos or changing content we are here to keep your business website current and relevant.

Another benefit of our CWD is unified graphics. Unified graphics create a uniform appearance for the images embedded on your site. The images are optimized for your specified keywords and are situated to ease the navigation of information based on studies of eye movement on sites.

As time goes by and online optimization changes, it is important to have keyword-rich content, consistent with your online advertising campaign.Our provisioning team ensures your content is consistent across all search engine listings and any other placement on the web.

seo optimized custom website

With Local Splash’s CWD you get a website that suits your business now, but can grow and change to reflect the changing nature of online search, giving your site value in the future. Our product is supported by a  team that is trained to offer the best inter

net strategy for your business. We are excited to work with you to grow your business using our Custom Website product.