Back for more Pinterest for business how to’s? Here are a few more tips to help you grab the attention of your target audience on the social network and keep it!

  • Pin often and use keywords in the descriptions. This will help make sure your pins are searchable. Although it is unknown how Pinterest ranks its search results, many believe a combination of how recently an image was uploaded and which keywords were used is what determines the rank.  This is why it is important to pin often so your pins are always recent and attach a keyword-rich description to each. If you are pinning a product, add a $ to your pin with the price and it will be added to the Pinterest Gift section where even more users will see it!
  • Share others’ pins. Don’t only use Pinterest to upload your own pins; repin others’ pins too! Whether you are re-pinning your customers’ pins or pins from other professionals in your industry, re-pinning is a way to make friends. If you share others’ pins, they are more likely to share yours.

These tips will help you get started on Pinterest so your company can connect with customers on the popular network. Happy pinning!

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