Social media marketing is essential in today’s market for certain types of businesses. However, it can be difficult to understand how to utilize social media networks like Facebook to help drive traffic to your website and sales. There are many myths and truths flying around the Internet which can lead a newbie to misunderstand what’s really important when marketing via Facebook. Here are four Facebook marketing myths debunked provided by Marketing Profs.

Myth: If people are clicking on “Like,” they’re engaging with my brand. The reality is that it takes a lot more to engage an audience than just “liking” your page. What are you posting that interests them once they become a fan? If you aren’t keeping them entertained or informed, they won’t be paying any attention to your business. In a few weeks, they’ll “unlike” your page because your posts are irrelevant to them on their news feed. This is not what you want to happen. So engage! Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes when writing posts and make sure what you’re posting is interesting and newsworthy.

Myth: The only people who will interact with my Facebook page are angry ex-customers. A well-planned social media campaign will help control the negative people or spammers who post unwanted comments on your page. Although there is no way of stopping people who are going to post negative thoughts about your brand, there will also be plenty of clients that want to share their positive stories. Facebook makes it easy to remove unwanted comments and notifies you as soon as a comment is posted. These comments are helpful from a customer service standpoint because you can contact the unhappy campers who are posting and resolve the issues. Bottom line, don’t fear the negative comments; you can easily control what is seen by others on your business Facebook page.

Myth: I don’t need rules for my Facebook contest. When you’re giving away prizes, the legal ramifications can be complicated. Be sure to consult a legal professional before you begin your contest and make sure the rules are crystal clear to the players. Also, make sure to stay on top of enforcing the rules and disallow participation for any trouble makers that may arise.

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