Negative reviews on Google are a problem many local business owners face. Want to know how to remove your negative reviews? This tutorial will show you how to minimize bad reviews as well as how to gain positive reviews from your happy customers.

Key takeaways:

  • Customers are expecting a good experience when they’re paying for your product or service. You must go above and beyond to exceed their expectations – this will encourage them to leave a positive review.
  • You cannot get rid of a bad review. You can make the bad review obsolete and you can change the reviewer’s opinion.
  • Gaining more positive reviews on Google will push the bad reviews down and make them harder to find.
  • Offer your customers a discount or other promotion for leaving you an online review. Advertise this discount on the back of your business cards along with instructions of how to leave a review. Or collect your clients’ names and email addresses and send them an email including the coupon and instructions on how to leave a review.
  • Become familiar with review sites and the process of leaving a review in order to better instruct others how to do it.