LocalsearchLocal SEO is very beneficial to small businesses, however many have yet to claim and verify their Google+ Local, Yahoo Local and Bing Local company pages. If you are a local business that has not dipped a toe in the local search pool, here are 5 good reasons why you should.

1. You get more control over your listings.Local businesses that claim and verify their local businesses pages have more control over their information. Business owners can edit the information to ensure that it is correct, search engine optimized and appealing to potential customers. Since these pages must be verified, they are more trusted by both search engines and consumers.

2. Local businesses have an increased presence in the SERPs. The local search results are more prominent in the SERPs than ever and eyetrack studies show that people look at the local results and Map before the organic results. Local SEO can help you get more eyes on your businesses.

3. Conversion rates are higher. Conversion rates for potential customers searching for local keywords are higher than those searching for general or national keywords. When the potential customer is near the location of the business this increases the chance that they will click on and visit the business.

4. Local SEO is easy. For small businesses that don’t have a huge marketing budget, local SEO is a breath of fresh air. It’s easy to claim and verify your listings on local directories and many are completely free. The only drawback is, local SEO can be time consuming.

5. Mobile searches for businesses are often local. Instead of scouring the Yellow Pages for a local pizza place, consumers are turning to their smartphones. Local map listings are perfect for companies that want to be found by consumers on-the-go. These consumers often have a higher purchase intent and are more likely to turn into loyal customers.

Local SEO is valuable to small businesses. It can help increase their presence, gain control over their online information and attract more customers. Ready to get started with you local SEO campaign today? Call Local Splash.