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Carol Bartz Resigns from Yahoo Board of Directors
Former Yahoo! CEO, Carol Bartz, has stepped down from her position on the Board of Directors.

Hacked NBC News Twitter Account Issues False Reports of Ground Zero Place Crash
The NBC news Twitter account was hacked and reported false information about a plane crash at Ground Zero in New York. Twitter has suspended the account that hacked the site and is continuing to look into the situation.

One Year Later, Bing-Powered Search Takes 4% Market Share from Google
The Bing-Yahoo! combo has gained a little more than 4% marketing share in the U.S. Google has dropped 6% during this time.

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YouTube Founders Aim to Revamp a Site for Link Sharing
The Internet masterminds behind YouTube have begun a new project, revamping social bookmarking site, Delicious.

How Social Media Affects Content Relevance in Search
Information from social media networks is being integrated in the search results more and more as time passes. This could be good news for small companies hoping to achieve visibility in search engines.