GoogleplusSince Google+ is a new social network, your company may be having trouble getting the hang of it. As your company integrates Google+ into its social media routine, here are 3 don’ts to keep in mind from Hubspot.

1. Don’t post inconsistently. When Google+ launched for businesses, many companies rushed to set up their page. Some companies posted a few times during the weeks that followed, then as time went on the posting started to die down. When you don’t post consistently, you hurt your chances of gaining a regular following. Try to get into a routine when posting on social networks to avoid this. Whether you post once a day, or once a week, your readers will know what to expect when they visit your page and won’t be disappointed.

2. Don’t forget to apply for Direct Connect. Google+ Direct Connect lets users quickly navigate to a Google+ page using Google Search. When people search +YourCompanyName they’ll be able to get to your Google+ page from the Google search engine. If you don’t apply for Direct Connect, it will hurt your company Google+ page’s search rankings.

3. Don’t forget to utilize Circles. Circles is one of the main features that sets Google+ apart from other social networks. Circles allows you to put people into groups so when it comes time to share you can direct your posts toward the groups that would be most interested. Don’t just make every post “Public,” put thought into your Circles and post only to those who will be most engaged by the information you are sharing at the moment.

Google+ is still a new social network and it will take time to get into the habit of posting on it as well as figuring out all the features it has to offer. Be patient and don’t abandon it; Google+ is here to stay and those who embrace it in the beginning stages will have the most success with it in the future.