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Local Search Optimization

Doing a simple Google search for “Newport Beach Florist” yields over 200,000 results. There is no question that flower arrangements and delivery is big business in Newport Beach, CA with year-round weddings and celebrations. The lucky 10 or so floral companies that are ranked on the first page of Google search results are definitely reaping the benefits.

Finding their way to the first page of results

In December of 2008, Newport Florist decided that they needed to do some online advertising. The Yellow Pages were not working anymore and they knew that Google search results were their next best bet. They looked to Local Splash for a solution. Alex and Yerli Lemus, owners of Newport Florist, found confidence in Local Splash almost immediately. “Once we started using Local Splash it seemed like our customers could find us very, very easily. It’s better than the Yellow Pages!” said Yerli Lemus.

What We Do | LocalSplash

Local Search Results

Newport Florist can be found all over the first page of Google search results for the query “Newport Beach Florist.” (See image below) Alex and Yerli are very happy with the service they receive from Local Splash. “Right now we’re not using any other advertising, just Local Splash. I would definitely recommend Local Splash to any friend or anybody that’s in need of advertising!” -Yerli Lemus, Owner, Newport Florist