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Vivint started by knocking on doors

Beginning with home security systems in Utah, Vivint expanded as they grew, adding energy management, home automation and most recently, solar energy to the services they offer. Today, with over five thousand employees nationwide, Vivint still knocks on doors in the neighborhood, but they also make use of online marketing.

When the decision was made to start an online marketing campaign, the first question was how to do it in a cost-effective manner for the best return on investment. Vivint wanted to focus on SEO, including local search, as a complementary piece to paid search and other lead generation methods, but there simply was no way the small, in-house marketing team could create the multiple online listings required for each of the 700 technicians scattered across 48 states.

Local Splash offered a value proposition too good to pass up

After only a few months, Vivint has seen over 75% of their listings ranking at the top of the local search results pages in all of the major search engines.

“Local Splash has come through with flying colors,” says Brandon Christiansen, Search Marketing Manager. “We could not have managed this campaign without tripling the size of our in-house team, not to mention the expertise and training involved. Plus, Local Splash gives us a level of reporting and analytics we can’t find anywhere else. It’s value, pure and simple.”

What We Do | LocalSplash

Local results matter

If they matter for a multi-billion dollar company like Vivint, then they should matter for you as well. Since over 50% of individuals search online for a local business before making a purchasing decisions, it is more important then ever to make sure that your company shows up in these local search results.