Since 2006, Local Splash has provided listing management to over 100 destinations.  We’re pretty proud of that expansive network, but what really matters is that we’ve collected a lot of information and figured out the difference between quality and spam.  Not all destinations are alike: not in the eyes of consumers and especially not in the cogs of search engines.

Quality local directories tend to have a high PageRank and are popular with users.  We look for the following characteristics in local directories:

  • Provide value – this may seem obvious, but we will exclude lead brokers and those that don’t provide organic value
  • Allow for businesses to manage and optimize original content such as images, videos and description
  • Provide capabilities for customers to easily connect to the business
  • Appear visually appealing & user-friendly
  • Remove incorrect or duplicate information when reported

Today’s Splash Menu: Local Splash may create business listings for your company on popular online directories such as:

factual directory image

Other destinations may be included depending upon the online audit of your business profile.  We aim to establish accuracy, completeness and remediation of any negative signals such as duplicate business listings.

Niche directories can be particularly valuable for local SEO.  For example might be highly relevant if you’re in the moving and self-storage industry.  The Local Splash content management system is built to handle the growing eco-system of online destinations.  We’re constantly monitoring the web, so that as new opportunities arise, we can take the right actions for your business.