So you understand the importance and power behind having great reviews written about your business scattered all around the Web, but how do you go about getting them? People are busy and many times customers will only take to review sites in order to vent after they’ve had a bad experience. This is why you must go above and beyond to entice them to write a positive review about your business.
Wow Your Customers

Usually, in order to drive a customer to want to write a review, they would have needed to have an exceptionally good experience with your business or a horrible experience. Obviously you want to avoid driving them to write a review after they’ve had a horrible experience, however if this does happen, after the review has been written you can reach out to this customer in order to mend your relationship. Find out how to respond to a bad review here.

To encourage a customer to write a good review, you need to wow them. It’s not enough to just give them a good experience; you need to go above and beyond to give them an exceptional experience. After the exceptional experience has been given and a positive impression has been established, it’s time to ask for a review. How do I ask for a review?