Your Review Generator will be emailed to you in a few minutes.

NOTE: You may need to check your SPAM filter to find your Review Generator.

Once you receive your Review Generator, follow the below instructions to start building your online reputation today!

1. Download the file and open with Adobe Reader.
2. Print a few copies of your Review Generator image. We suggest using thicker paper so it will last longer.
3. Display your Review Generator close to the exit of your store. You want your customers to be able to easily see it!
4. If you believe a customer had a pleasant experience, ask them to share it online. Direct them to your Review Generator.
5. They can use their smartphone to scan the QR code with a QR Reader app or they can type the printed URL into their browser.
6. This directs them to your Google+ Local listing. The customer will need a Google account in order to leave your business a review.
7. Go through the process yourself to become familiar with it. You want to be able to help your customers if they have trouble with the process.
8. Once you start to get reviews, your search rankings will begin to climb!