Attract customers with an established business profile.

Our Local Splash SEO services include listing your business profile on

Your profile is an easy and effective way to provide the kind of information that draws potential customers to your business when they are searching online.

Local Splash customers are able to select the type of business profile that best describes their company. For many companies, this supplements the information on their website or becomes the primary place that companies use to promote their products and services. In addition to displaying company information, Local Splash customers can also use their profile page to obtain leads, post their company logo, and show their business location on a map. We also give your potential customers the option to “click to call/e-mail” for easy contact with you.

Local Splash profiles are placed in the directory where they can be found by geographic location. This directory and the profile page are indexed and the information is included in search results by various search engines. Top local SEO provider, Local Splash may also submit your business to some of the following directories to increase your number of local business citations. This increases your online presence and incoming links which helps boost your position in the search engine page results.


About 65% of all Internet users go to Google to find a local product/service. Submitting a verified listing directly to Google Places (Google’s business directory) is the fastest way to show up on Google Maps. Local Splash makes sure your listing is complete, unique and verified… all essential elements to achieving high rankings on Google Maps. Google is also the best avenue to achieving great mobile search results! Check out this blog to see an illustration of the importance of being found in Google.


About 10% of all Internet users go to Yahoo! to find a local product/service. This means being found in Yahoo! Local should be an important part of your online marketing plan. Yahoo! Local is considered a quintessential online destination for local businesses trying to create an effective online presence. Local Splash makes sure you are found in this important directory which will enhance your online presence.


Relevant Yellow is a local business directory exclusive to Local Splash customers. We create a 4-page Search Engine Optimized website for your business that includes the following vital business information:

  • Company name
  • Street address
  • Phone numbers
  • Website URL
  • E-mail address
  • Brands carried
  • Services offered
  • Coverage area
  • Business categories
  • And more

This directory submission is key to being found in Organic results on search engines!

Superpages is the online Yellow Pages, full of local businesses. It’s a local expert and leading online resource for finding information on local businesses and retailers. Visitors to the site can find business information including hour of operation, driving directions, customer reviews, links and more.


AboutUs is a wiki style online directory of website reviews where users can find out more about your business or comment on your website. Local Splash can submit your current website to AboutUs or submit the website that we can create for you.

Acxiom is an information conglomerate and database solutions provider. Local Splash can submit your business information to Acxiom and it will submit your information to hundreds of online destinations. This drastically helps with link building efforts which in turn helps boost your company to the top of the search engine results page.

1) Consistency. When your business information is distributed throughout the Internet, it’s crucial that the information is consistent. This is because inconsistent data confuses the search engines and your potential customers. Inconsistent data could be anything from a small difference like “RelevantAds, Inc.” as compared to “Relevant Ads, Inc.” or a large change in the information like two different addresses in the business location. When there is inconsistent data, the search engines don’t know which information is right and as a result, your rankings will fall. CDPs make sure this doesn’t happen by distributing consistent, correct, SEO-friendly data across the Web.

2) Popularity. CDPs offer your consistent business information to hundreds of online destinations (websites & directories). The more directories that decide to use that information the more popular your business information becomes. Google likes popular business information and rewards those businesses with higher search engine page rankings. We often refer to local SEO as being an online popularity contest. Whichever business can be found in the most destinations will have a competitive advantage in appearing higher in search engine results.