LocalSplash.com Partners with American Association of Franchisees and Dealers to Offer Local Internet Marketing

Fountain Valley, CA October 13, 2009 – Relevant Ads, Inc.’s CEO and Founder, David Rodecker, announced today that they have become a Branded Partner/Supplier and exclusive Internet marketing provider to the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD), offering local placement and optimization services for its approximate 50,000 franchisee membership base.

“We are extremely excited about our new partnership with the AAFD. In the past, we have had success with getting multiple locations of a parent company to the front page of search engine results. Now we have the opportunity to do so with multiple franchises by partnering with AAFD.”

“The LocalSplash product line is the best available local search engine placement service and partnerships like this really give us an opportunity to showcase our capabilities. Local Splash is looking forward to flexing our SEO muscles and showing the web community our strengths in on-line advertising. More and more established companies are recognizing the shift from more traditional advertising and now understand the importance of an effective on-line advertising campaign. Our purpose is to explain how that works, and provide the on-line exposure that is necessary for companies to survive in today’s market.”

The AAFD is a national franchise trade organization that fosters strong franchisee/franchisor relationships and provides value added services to its membership to help them in their businesses. Franchisors often require that their franchisees do a certain amount of advertising in their respective markets. The introduction of LocalSplash to franchisees across the country will provide them with an expert resource to help them navigate the internet marketing landscape. With AAFD’s special pricing, franchisees will be able to become prominent in local searches at a very affordable cost. More visibility equates to more business – a formula good for everyone involved. LocalSplash will also provide a consultative role to franchisors and franchisees by acutely understanding their business and marketing requirements and then guiding them toward the right solutions to meet those requirements.

AAFD’s Chairman/CEO Robert L. Purvin expects the relationship to be mutually beneficial: “We are tremendously excited about this new partnership and what it means for our franchisee and franchisor members. It is increasingly clear that being visible on the Internet is essential to success in today’s market. Our partnership with Local Splash offers our members exceptional on-line exposure at a very reasonable cost.”

Released earlier this year, the LocalSplash product line specializes in getting companies on the front page of the Internet’s most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. LocalSplash has multiple products including maps placement, online video, mobile listings, websites and pay-per-click sponsored ads.

About Relevant Ads

Relevant Ads is headquartered in Orange County, California. RelevantAds.com uses a set of proven techniques for local search engine placement (LSEP) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through their Local Splash products for small and medium sized businesses. Relevant Ads offers a great business opportunity to quality reseller affiliates. For more information about LocalSplash or if you are interested in becoming an authorized reseller visit localsplash.com.

About AAFD

The AAFD is a national non-profit trade association representing the rights and interests of franchisees and independent dealers throughout the United States. The AAFD was formed by Declaration of Trust in May of 1992 with the original mission of “Bringing Fairness to Franchising.” As the AAFD has expanded and evolved, and as many fine franchising companies have stepped forward to contractually embrace the promise of Win-Win Franchising, the AAFD’s mission has expanded, but can be succinctly stated as follows: To define, identify and to use marketplace solutions to promote Total Quality Franchising.