Tracking your success: See the results for yourself.

Local Splash offers tracking and reporting so you can check out the progress your business is making in improving its online exposure. Internet marketing is all about trial and error. What’s right for one company many not be what’s best for another company. This is why reporting and analyzing is so important, so you can figure out what works for you.

 Local Splash’s reporting system can show you how many impressions your business is getting (or how many times your listing is seen on Google, Yahoo! and Bing) as well as top search queries and where the requests for driving directions are coming from. You can view your rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, monitor your PPC campaign, view your listings and receive emails from customers all through our Local Splash Dashboard.

Local Splash lists clients in a variety of online data directories.

You can analyze this data to see which keywords are your top performing ones and which need to be replaced as well as where many of your customers are located so you can start marketing more heavily in those areas. You can also check your rankings and view your listings so you can see for yourself how effectively our service increases your online visibility.

Without performance reports like the ones Local Splash provides, you have no way to monitor the benefits and dollar value of search results. At Local Splash, we’re all about results so allow our reporting system to show you how we are helping your business get found online.