Welcome to the leading edge of search engine marketing.

Local Splash embraces the technologies of search, ranking optimization, geo-regional targeting, content dissection and message reconstruction. Our team of engineers has years of experience in helping online businesses with patent-pending technologies, utilizing unique, effective approaches to online searching and mapping, along with video presentation, mobile searches and sponsored ads.

We make your content relevant to search engines.
Information on the Internet is ever-changing and never-ending. Every moment of every day, more and more data is available on the Web. As a result, it’s harder and harder to be selective in the information you read and utilize. Search engines recognize this and provide only verified data that is relevant to each search request they receive. Their success is dependent on filtering through to find the relevant content. Our success (and yours, too) is dependent on coming out on top after the filtering.

Local Splash works with the major search engines to make sure the information about your business appears at the highest possible position on search engine results pages. We do this by going beyond simple document analysis. We identify the importance of the data, choose the most effective content, then submit it to search engines for the best possible result.

We break through the online clutter.
Most search engines take a few keywords or phrases, find where those terms exist (as data sources on the Web) then provide that information in their search results. They do this, however, without any intelligent ranking or filtering.

Our contextual match process is much more advanced. We don’t just take a few keywords, but any amount of written text. In fact, we thrive on large amounts of written information. We then match the results to source documents, listings, or other data. The results from the contextual match engine are ranked by degree of similarity. The more matches, the higher your business may be ranked.

We optimize rank with our algorithms.
Determining a relative order to rank relevant listings can be difficult. Local Splash developed algorithms of mathematical recipes and statistical operations to help with this problem. Our algorithms optimize the rank in which results are ultimately presented using factors of relevancy match, listing bid value and usage popularity. This is called Weight-Equalized-Bid (W-E-B) targeting.

The effect of this search technology is to cast a wide net of listing distribution and feedback sampling. The W-E-B parameters adjust over time, allowing search engines to optimize results for matched documents.

We target your customers by location.
Local Splash has a database program that combines public and private information to identify the geographic source of the end user (customer). In real time, it searches on Local Splash’s contextual match engine and reverse searches for geographic positioning and location.

The information is delivered to search engines, allowing for higher conformity in relevancy matching (more results for your business). For example, listings that have limitations to regional areas can easily be accommodated.