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Google’s January Search Update: Panda in the Pipelines, Fresher Results, Date Detection and More
Check out the latest updates from Google, including a new Panda algorithm update, fresher results, autocomplete, date detection and more.

Facebook Turns 8, and Together We’ve Grown
In honor of Facebook’s 8th birthday, Mashable takes a look back at the evolution of the social network.

Latest Google Search Revamp Brings Opportunities for Local Businesses
Google’s newest updates will likely allow local businesses to combine their SEO and social media strategies using Google+.

Social Media Ad Spend: 89% on Facebook, 39% on Twitter and 18% on Google+
See which social media networks advertising agencies plan to use in 2012 with this report from Strata.

Google Instant: Only On When Your Computer can Handle It
Google Instant now has a new default preference, it’s only enabled if your computer can handle it, otherwise Google will automatically disable the application.