Check out the top SEO, search engine and Internet marketing industry news stories from around the Web this week.

Search Dominates Other Sources for Local Information – Study
A new study performed by Harris Interactive showed that search is the most dominant way people look for local business information. The study also showed that on mobile devices, review sites have just as much influence as search engines. Read on for details.

Facebook Says 600,000 Accounts Compromised Per Day
In a blog entry, Facebook stated that every day 600,000 log-ins are compromised. Facebook’s proposed solution to this is “trusted friends.” If you’re locked out of your account, Facebook will send codes to your friends to give to you.

Google Introduces “Bid for Calls” on the PC
Google is now getting ready to launch, “bid for calls,” a pay-per-call (PPCall) offering on your PC. Find out the details here.

Do You Have Duplicate Content Issues Across Domains? Google Will Now Alert You
Google recently launched a new message alert to let site owners know when a particular URL doesn’t appear on Google because it has been flagged as a duplicate URL on a different domain. Read the full story here.

Powered by Nokia, the New Yahoo Maps Goes Live
The new Nokia-powered Yahoo Maps (NokiHoo) has just gone live in the US and Canada. Can it compete with Google Maps? Find out here.