BusinessbloggingLast time we discussed some potential topics for your new corporate blog. If you’ve already used those all up and still need some more ideas, here are 5 additional topics to write about on your business blog.

1. Announce a recent company achievement, news or event. Although you don’t want every blog to be only about your company, people look to you for the latest news and announcements about your business. If your company has recently been recognized for an achievement or some breaking news in your industry has just been released, make sure you’re blogging about it as soon as possible.

2. Show off your company’s employees. People want to interact with other people, not big corporations. Showcase your company’s team members on your social media networks and blog to help create better relationships with your current and potential customers. When people are able to see the faces behind your company, they’re more likely to put trust in you as well as become loyal customers and eventually advocates for your brand.

3. Post a relevant video and summarize it. If you find a useful how-to video, news story, or just an entertaining video that is relevant to your industry, post it to your blog and write a short description. If you post videos that you’ve created, it’s even better.

4. Review products. Did a new product just come out that is relevant to your industry? Do you think your customer/readers would be interested in knowing whether that product is a good one? Of course they would! Write a review for it and let them know whether it’s worthwhile. Putting yourself in your readers’ shoes helps give you a better understanding of what they’re interested in. The more you write about what they like, the more often they’ll return to read more and potentially purchase your product or service.

5. Invite a guest blogger. Bringing a fresh perspective to your blog will help it keep the interest of your readers. Ask your guest blogger to offer some insight on an important issue within the industry. Respond to the blog with your thoughts so your readers can see two points of view.