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Coach Celia's Outdoor Fitness

Spending over $45 billion on fitness products and training in 2013, it’s obvious that staying healthy and keeping their bodies in shape is important to millions of Americans. This is especially true for beach cities like Naples, FL. Fitness instructors have seemingly endless competition trying to keep the younger generations beautiful and the older population active. Based in Naples, Celia Fellows, owner of Outdoor Fitness, is a fitness coach that holds several certifications in fitness and nutrition. Knowing that the Internet and social media are big opportunities for exposure, Celia wanted to increase her chances of being found above her competition online. That’s why she hired Local Splash.

Online marketing objectives

“It was hard to fill my morning classes, but now they are definitely finding me and filling the classes,” said Celia about her business before Local Splash. Celia’s online marketing objectives were to build her brand so that her business name would be more recognized in her local area and to become more competitive within her market. She wanted to accomplish these objectives while keeping her class size small enough for her to be able to pay plenty of personal attention to each of her students. “Now I have 15 people sometimes per class!”

Results don’t just matter in fitness

Outdoor Fitness started with Local Splash in November of 2012, and has had substantial growth ever since. Our local SEO services and Google Ads management services helped grow Celia’s business to have full classes and steady business. “I know people are seeing me online because they have told me that they find me on Google, Facebook and other places. The day I started using Local Splash I had 65 likes. Now I have 712 likes which means 712 potential business opportunities.” - Celia Fellows, Owner, Outdoor Fitness