If you are new to Facebook, it may be hard for you to understand the difference between the Facebook profile and the Facebook page. The key is to always remember that Facebook profiles are for people, Facebook pages are for artists, businesses, organizations or any other commercial use. This is a very important fact to remember because Facebook has openly stated that it will remove profiles that are acting as business pages.

One of the reasons why many people get confused when they’re trying to establish an online presence using Facebook is because Facebook users must create a profile before they create a page. Although pages and profiles look very similar, there are some big differences between the two. It’s important that when you’re joining Facebook as a business, you create a Local Business Facebook page and use your profile only for your personal use.

Here are some traits of Facebook pages that profiles do not have:

1. People “like” a business page, but “add as friend” for personal profiles. People who “like” your business page are referred to as “fans.” When using a personal profile, people who interact with your page are your “friends.”

2. Your business can “like” other pages but not individual personal profiles.

3. With a business page, you can view statistics about your users and posts from the “Insights” tab. This will help you determine the demographics of your users and what they like so you can keep them engaged.

4. Once you get 25 people to “like” your business page, you can get a custom URL for your page that is easy to remember and promote.

5. Your Facebook page can have more than one administrator. This allows both you and your employees to contribute to the Facebook page (if desired).

6. As an administrator of your Facebook page, you can suggest the page to all of your Facebook friends.

Facebook pages are meant for interacting and connecting with your fans (who are also your current and potential customers). Remember to save your personal posts for your profile and your engaging business-related posts for your page.

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