Although Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is pretty irrelevant to most users (only 1% of users actually use it), the company recently gave it 8 new options for fun.

If you’re never used it and aren’t sure what the button is all about, typing in a search query on then clicking “I’m Feeling Lucky” instead of “Google Search” takes you to the website in the first position of the results for that query. You don’t go to the search results page at all. If you click the button without typing a search query, you’ll be taken to Google’s collection of Doodles.

If you’re not feeling lucky, now you can try one of these on for size:

I’m Feeling Artistic takes you to a random Google Art Project
I’m Feeling Hungry takes you to a search for restaurants
I’m Feeling Wonderful takes you to a random World Wonders project
I’m Feeling Stellar takes you to Google Earth
I’m Feeling Playful takes you to an interactive Google Doodle
I’m Feeling Doodly takes you to a random Google Doodle
I’m Feeling Puzzled takes you to a Google-a-Day site
I’m Feeling Trendy takes you to Hot Searches

To try these out, just go to, put your cursor over the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and watch the phrases change. Click them with or without typing in a search query and see where the button leads you.

Have you ever used the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button?