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According to TorrentFreak.com, Google has removed over 50 million URLs from the search results in 2012. It was expected that the number would rise due to Google’s Pirate update in August 2012, which involves the removal of sites that have a large number of legitimate DMCA takedown requests filed against them. The most “takedown” requests came from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Check out the graph below that shows the dramatic increase in takedown requests that starts in August when the Pirate update was introduced.

Google dmca

Numbers are expected to keep rising in 2013. Unfamiliar with the Pirate Policy? Read this article from Search Engine Land that covers the update.

Facebook’s recent update to its “Nearby” feature now gives it a competitive edge in the local search world for mobile.

Prior to the update, Nearby was an app that showed you where your friends had checked-in. Now, the app not only shows you that information but also shows you nearby businesses, making it the newest local search tool to add to your mobile tool belt. Results are ranked according to the number of check-ins to the location, the location’s star ratings, likes and recommendations. Your network is the immediate decision maker for which businesses are shown to you. However when no data from your network of friends is available, the larger Facebook network will step in and help determine the rankings for the local businesses that appear on your smartphone screen.


Users of the Nearby app can search or browse local businesses by name or category. Only users who have actually checked-in to the business at some point in the past will be able to rate it, this seems like a great way to legitimize ratings and reviews.




Local Businesses – Get a Facebook Page Now!

If you are a local business owner and don’t have a Facebook page yet, now is the time to get one. This is because if you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, you won’t show up in the Nearby app’s local results. If you already have a Facebook presence, now is a great time to update your page. Make sure all of your information is completely filled out and current. Take special care to update your category because people now use categories as a way to browse local businesses on the app and you don’t want to accidentally appear in the wrong one.

Currently, Nearby is only on Facebook for mobile. However, if the app does well, we don’t see why the company wouldn’t make it available for desktop use as well. What do you think about Facebook’s new venture into the local search realm? Have you used Nearby yet? How does it measure up to the local apps we’re used to using on our mobile devices?

According to an article on Mashable, only hours after the Google Maps app for iPhone was released, it became the most popular free app in the Apple App Store. For many iPhone users, this app is long awaited after Apple’s disappointing attempt at a Maps application (see Apple’s apology to its customers regarding Apple Maps).


Check out some screen shots of the new iPhone Google Maps app:

Easily search for local businesses and view their Google local listing. Click to call, save and share the listing, read the reviews and see how far the business is from your current location.

Img 0615

Choose different routes and view the entire route or use turn-by-turn navigation to get to your destination.

Img 0613

Img 0614

So far, our first impression of Google Maps is great – it’s easy to use, has a beautiful interface and integrates nicely with Google+ Local, all with the legendary power of Google Maps.

What are your first impressions of the new Google Maps app for iPhone?