Google+ is Google’s up-and-coming social network that makes it easy to share content as well as find content you’re interested in reading. The network is currently in beta mode which means you must be invited to join. It also has yet to unveil its brand pages; however even in its early stages the social media marketing potential of this network is evident. Here are three reasons why Internet marketers should pay attention to Google+:

Search engine optimization: One application of Google+ is the +1’s. This is similar to the Facebook “like.” The more +1’s a post gets, the more relevant Google believes it to be. This allows SEO to be more reliant on relevancy rather than “black hat” or spam-like marketing techniques.

Reaching your target audience: Google+ makes it easier for your content to reach the people who are really interested in reading it. The more you use Google+, the more it’s able to show you relevant content that it knows you will like. This means that people who are really interested in your content will be able to find it easily and they’ll be more likely to read and trust the information presented to them.

Content sharing: Google+ makes it easy to share certain content only with certain people through their use of “Circles.” Circles allow marketers to be able to specifically target who they share content with within their network of followers. This means that people who are interested in the product or service, but might not be interested in this particular post don’t have to see it. This will reduce “un-follows” or users getting frustrated from too many marketing posts from a company in one day. Customizing the messages for different groups of your target audience will make the message even more effective.

The bottom line is, although Google+ is just starting out, we predict that this network has a lot of marketing potential and is definitely something to keep an eye on.