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It is no secret that your company’s online presence is a key factor to its success! Think of your company’s online presence as a store front. If customers are window shopping, what do you want them to see? How do you want them to feel?


A crucial element of your company’s online presence comes from reviews and how you respond to those reviews. It is important to note that when you are responding to reviews, you are not only responding to the reviewer but making an impression on anyone who reads it. It is vital that you respond to all reviews, both positive and negative! The process of responding to reviews can be tricky and a little awkward.. That is where we can help!

Below you will find a list of tips that will help guide you when responding to reviews!



Respond in a timely manner

A quick response shows the reviewer that you respect and honor their time! Responding within 24 hours of when the review was left, will show the reviewer you are grateful for their review!


Use the reviewer’s name in your response

Using the reviewer’s name in your response will show that you are being personable while giving the impression that you are talking directly to them!  


Repeat relevant keywords mentioned by the reviewer

Because SEO and Google reviews go hand in hand, responding with relevant keywords will assist in the performance of your SEO.


Thank the reviewer for their feedback

Thanking the reviewer for their feedback when responding to both positive and negative reviews shows you are thankful for feedback, regardless of the rating.


Show authenticity and kindness

Showing authenticity and kindness in your response will tell the reviewer, and anyone who reads it, that there is a real person behind the screen… and not a robot!


Encourage the reviewer to share their positive experience with others

Use your positive reviews as a marketing tool.  Ask the reviewer to share their experience with family and friends!


Acknowledge the reviewer’s concern and provide someone offline that can help

When you receive a negative review, acknowledging the issue and working towards a 1:1 conversation will allow the reviewer to feel taken care of and feel that their concern did not go unnoticed.



Online reviews heavily influence what others think of your company! By applying these best practices when managing your reviews, you will positively impact your company’s online presence!

Part of the Local SEO Services for business listings at LocalSplash requires our direct access to your Google Business Profile location. LocalSplash uses this access in multiple ways to effectively manage and optimize your local listing as well as provide enhanced tools along with reporting in the Local Splash Dashboard. The below steps walk through the process to provide LocalSplash this access. This is process is completely safe to perform and will allow our systems to attach to Google securely. Should you be unable to perform any of the steps below, please let us know and we’ll escalate a support request to retrieve access to your listing.

1) Navigate to:

2) Log with your Google account that has verified control of Google Business Profile listing

3) Select the Name of your business listing in the list of Locations.

4) Click on the “Users” menu on the left hand side

5) On the top right, click the icon to “Invite new users or manager”

6) Enter the number: 5525546200 and select choose “Local Splash Listings”

7) Select the Role of “Manager”

8) Click the “INVITE” button

Google Pigeon Update Local SEO Last week the online search world experienced an earthquake. The earth didn’t actually move, but our search results experienced a significant “shake” when Google released what has been dubbed the “Pigeon” update.  For local businesses, this update has been extremely positive, displaying business listings in a huge percentage of its queries. We have discovered that small businesses, locally searched, may actually see a big gain as a result of the Pigeon update. Let me explain some of our findings. Initially, many who reviewed results after the update concluded that local Map Packs were significantly reduced in Google search results. The initial data that MOZ released suggested a grim picture with a huge reduction in Map Packs. However, upon further inspection, the queries performed lacked user location.  For years Google has detected user’s physical location and used that information to deliver unique search results. Now it appears that setting location is necessary to return the most relevant local results. Continue reading