Google Coupons are an enhancement to your Google Maps business listing. The printable online coupons show up when searching for local information on Google Maps search results and business listing pages. The coupons can be printed out directly from a computer and redeemed at the physical store location of a local business. These coupons can also be redeemed by showing the coupon on your mobile device at the physical store location.

For Google Maps users, coupons provide additional relevant business information and help create a better overall local search experience. For businesses, coupons are another way of reaching out to potential customers online. Coupons are completely free and easy to use. Businesses can log into the Local Business Center at Google Maps to enter in coupon information. Once the coupon information is entered, the coupon is displayed on Google Maps within a few hours.

There a many advantages to using Google Coupons such as:

  • Google Coupons help make your Google Maps business listing more complete. The more enhancements you can add to your listing, the more chances you have to better your local SEO. Google rewards “complete” listings with higher rankings, so adding coupons could help boost you to the top.
  • Google Coupons help you stand out from the competition. Think about it, if you were trying to choose between multiple businesses that offer the same service or product, wouldn’t you rather go with the business that is offering a coupon or discount? People love to think they’re getting a deal and many people are likely to use your product or service just because there is a discount. Bottom line, your coupon can help you stand out in a crowd of competitors.
  • Google Coupons give you a way to reach out to your customer and gain customer loyalty. If you’re offering coupons to rope in new customers as well as reward existing ones, you’re building customer loyalty. Your customers will remember that your business gave them a really great deal and the next time they need your product or service they’ll call on you. Also they’ll recommend the great deal you gave them to friends, opening up a whole new world of potential customers.

Local Splash would be happy to set up your Google Coupons for you. If you’re ready to get started, give our customer service representatives a call at 877-63-LOCAL.