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According to TUAW.com, the new Maps application in iOS 6 Gold Master has changed drastically… for the worse. Former TUAW writer and founder of Rocky Mountain Mac Repair, Josh Carr, reported that the new application performs poorly and “is a tremendous step backwards and something that cripples iOS for Apple’s customers.”

Carr reported that the once-Google-powered keyword search has been replaced by Yelp. Users are now limited to Yelp’s database which isn’t as large as Google’s and they must search using Yelp’s exact categories. This severely limits the businesses that show up in search. Previously, Google Maps keyword searches for businesses or restaurants would show tons of local business names and points of interest; according to Carr, that isn’t the case with the new Apple Maps.

According to the comments below the TUAW article, other users agree. One person calls Apple Maps “a horrible mess” while another person commented “the search functionality is horrid.” However, not everyone thinks Apple Maps is step backward. One commenter wrote, “I completely disagree. I installed iOS 6 GM and used the new Maps app all weekend and was blown away at how well it worked and how much nicer the user experience was.”

We’re interested in your opinion! If you’ve tried the new Maps application, what did you think of it?

At today’s San Francisco iPhone 5 launch event, Apple revealed a thinner, faster iPhone equipped with Apple Maps/local search, Siri enhancements and other updates.

The new iPhone 5 will be the first iPhone to feature Apple Maps instead of Google Maps. Apple Maps could have a significant impact on local search if the application’s user experience proves to be a good one. If Apple Maps is successful, it could take a large piece of Google’s local search traffic on the iPhone. However, the user experience of Apple Maps is still to-be-determined. Apple revealed that the new iPhone 5 features enhancements to Siri, which could mean more people will be using Siri to perform searches rather than Google.

Apple Maps will feature turn-by-turn voice navigation and will have real-time traffic data available. This means as traffic conditions change, alternative routes will be offered to the user. One feature that is exclusive to Apple Maps is the “flyover” feature which includes 3-D images that were taken by helicopters as they flew over major cities.

What did you think of the new iPhone 5 and Apple Maps? Will you be trading in your iPhone 4s or Android phone for the slimmer, faster iPhone 5?

Google recently partnered with some of the largest retailers, airports and transit stations in the U.S. and Japan to provide you with Google Indoor Maps. Now when you’re lost inside an airport, shopping mall or other confusing location, you’ll be able to use Google Maps to figure out where to go.

Google Maps “My Location” feature already shows your location as a blue dot so you can see yourself on the Map from your mobile smart phone to avoid walking or driving in the wrong direction on city streets. It also shows familiar landmarks and buildings nearby to give you a better understanding of where you are. However, Google Maps used to be able to get you to the right building, but once you went inside, you were on your own to find the right gate at the airport or the correct office in an unfamiliar building, until now.

Check out this video for a better understanding about how Google Indoor Maps works and read the official Google Blog for more information.