One of the biggest web hosts and the world’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy is experiencing a major outage. is down and any websites hosted by GoDaddy went down with it. Many site owners turned to Twitter to complain about the outage or ask questions. GoDaddy tweeted that it is aware of the trouble people are having with the site and they’re working on finding a solution.

In addition to websites hosted by GoDaddy, any domain that has been registered with GoDaddy that uses its nameservers and DNS records are down as well. This means that people who use GoDaddy for DNS but host their site with another company are still experiencing an outage.

A member of Anonymous (hacktivist group), Anonymous Own3r, is taking full responsibility of the GoDaddy outage. Anonymous Own3r tweeted “I’m not anti godaddy, you guys will understand because I did this attack.” The user also responded to one Twitter user explaining the reason for the take-down is to “test how the cyber security is safe and for reasons I can not talk now.”

GoDaddy’s outage should make current customers think about switching to a new registrar; perhaps one that isn’t a multi-million domain hosting company.

Local Splash founder, David Rodecker, tweeted, “GoDaddy outage is a case for hosting with a medium sized company vs putting your eggs in with the ‘big guys.'”