Google places - change notification

Google places - community edit notification

Google places - change confirmation

Google Places now confirms community edits with the verified owner prior to making the change.

Verified business owners are made aware of pending updates to their Places business listing.  Google Places prompts the business owner asking if the change is accurate.  If no decision is made by a certain date, Google will automatically assume that the change is correct.

Previously, Google would autonomously make changes without input from the business owner.  Efforts to ensure the quality and accuracy of business listings have increased and evolved. Google has even instituted manual techniques, a very un-Google like approach for a company that typically develops fully automated techniques that don’t rely upon its own workers to provide case-by-case decisions.

Allowing the business owner to approve or decline community edits is critical to ensure local business listings are not erroneously altered (or removed) which could have been submitted for ulterior motives such as a business competitor.