Check out the top SEO, search engine and Internet marketing industry news stories from around the Web this week.

Google Set to Launch Service to Rival iTunes
According to an article published by Guardian, Google is only a few weeks away from unveiling a new service that will compete with Apple’s iTunes store.

Google Mulls Buying Yahoo
Google is considering buying Yahoo. Although a formal proposal has not yet been made, Google and prospective partners have held meetings to discuss the possibility.

Google News Moves Advanced Options to Search Bar; A Sign of Things to Come?
The advanced search options in Google News have recently been moved from their own page and placed right inside the main search bar. To view screenshots of the new appearance, read the full article.

MC Hammer Unveils New Search Engine Venture WireDoo

MC Hammer, former rapper and current reverend, recently announced his plan to launch a new search engine, WireDoo. WireDoo will aim to bring something new to the search market, “relationships search.” This will present content that is similar to a search query as well as content relevant to it.

Meet Shelby, Your Personalized Channel for Web Video
A new application, helps organize the YouTube videos your friends post on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr into one stream. Users will be able to watch the videos in full-screen mode within the context of their friends’ recommendations.