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Google pigeon update local seo Last week the online search world experienced an earthquake. The earth didn’t actually move, but our search results experienced a significant “shake” when Google released what has been dubbed the “Pigeon” update.  For local businesses, this update has been extremely positive, displaying business listings in a huge percentage of its queries. We have discovered that small businesses, locally searched, may actually see a big gain as a result of the Pigeon update. Let me explain some of our findings. Initially, many who reviewed results after the update concluded that local Map Packs were significantly reduced in Google search results. The initial data that MOZ released suggested a grim picture with a huge reduction in Map Packs. However, upon further inspection, the queries performed lacked user location.  For years Google has detected user’s physical location and used that information to deliver unique search results. Now it appears that setting location is necessary to return the most relevant local results. Continue reading

Smx advanced 2013

The Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Advanced agenda is out for the two-day conference, taking place June 11-12, 2013 in Seattle, Washington. With a lineup of diverse digital marketing topics to be discussed, the conference seems like a worthwhile summer event to add to one’s calendar.

The SMX Advanced agenda covers a wide range of organic and paid search marketing topics, incorporating social, mobile, and content marketing strategies into the mix. All the topic choices are in-line with current industry trends. Also, the agenda topics cater to those who are a bit more experienced in the search marketing field.

The conference is put on by Third Door Media, Inc., the parent company of Search Engine Land, a search marketing news site. SMX Advanced conferences began in June 2007, and have grown into one of the world’s leading search engine marketing conferences.

Some may want to start reading up on the agenda topics prior to the conference so they have a better grasp on what will be discussed. Below are some recommended articles:

Google’s Enhanced Campaigns
Facebook Open Graph
● Google Remarketing Lists
Product Listing Ads

Listing at conferenceAlthough there is minimal information provided on the lineup, notable participants include Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, as keynote speaker. Also, with a long list of “big name” sponsors like SEOMoz, one may assume that the speaker lineup will be a pretty good one (even before it is posted).

There are some perks to signing up early. Before Friday, March 29, one can sign up for the Super Early Bird pass option and save between $20-$200. There is still an Early Bird pass option after that date but, as the conference nears, prices go up.

SMX Advanced conference passes sell out quickly. One can read several reviews and recaps circulating in regard to past conferences, like SMX West, which are helping to build the buzz and anticipation for SMX Advanced.

According to Search Engine Land, Google now allows users to block pay-per-click (PPC) ads from certain companies from showing up in their search results. This “block sites” feature was added in November and works whether you are signed in or signed out of your Google account.

The block sites feature used to allow users to block sites from both the web search results and the PPC results. However with the release of Search Plus Your World, the ability to block sites went away and hasn’t come back. Users can still block PPC ads from certain sites from showing up in their search results, which can definitely impair their paid marketing efforts. This is just another reason why focusing on the local search results is important. Users cannot block your business information from showing up there, which means you still have the chance to put your business in front of your ideal target audience, potential customers searching for your business in your area.

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