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If you are new to Facebook, it may be hard for you to understand the difference between the Facebook profile and the Facebook page. The key is to always remember that Facebook profiles are for people, Facebook pages are for artists, businesses, organizations or any other commercial use. This is a very important fact to remember because Facebook has openly stated that it will remove profiles that are acting as business pages.

One of the reasons why many people get confused when they’re trying to establish an online presence using Facebook is because Facebook users must create a profile before they create a page. Although pages and profiles look very similar, there are some big differences between the two. It’s important that when you’re joining Facebook as a business, you create a Local Business Facebook page and use your profile only for your personal use.

Here are some traits of Facebook pages that profiles do not have:

1. People “like” a business page, but “add as friend” for personal profiles. People who “like” your business page are referred to as “fans.” When using a personal profile, people who interact with your page are your “friends.”

2. Your business can “like” other pages but not individual personal profiles.

3. With a business page, you can view statistics about your users and posts from the “Insights” tab. This will help you determine the demographics of your users and what they like so you can keep them engaged.

4. Once you get 25 people to “like” your business page, you can get a custom URL for your page that is easy to remember and promote.

5. Your Facebook page can have more than one administrator. This allows both you and your employees to contribute to the Facebook page (if desired).

6. As an administrator of your Facebook page, you can suggest the page to all of your Facebook friends.

Facebook pages are meant for interacting and connecting with your fans (who are also your current and potential customers). Remember to save your personal posts for your profile and your engaging business-related posts for your page.

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Google Coupons are an enhancement to your Google Maps business listing. The printable online coupons show up when searching for local information on Google Maps search results and business listing pages. The coupons can be printed out directly from a computer and redeemed at the physical store location of a local business. These coupons can also be redeemed by showing the coupon on your mobile device at the physical store location.

For Google Maps users, coupons provide additional relevant business information and help create a better overall local search experience. For businesses, coupons are another way of reaching out to potential customers online. Coupons are completely free and easy to use. Businesses can log into the Local Business Center at Google Maps to enter in coupon information. Once the coupon information is entered, the coupon is displayed on Google Maps within a few hours.

There a many advantages to using Google Coupons such as:

  • Google Coupons help make your Google Maps business listing more complete. The more enhancements you can add to your listing, the more chances you have to better your local SEO. Google rewards “complete” listings with higher rankings, so adding coupons could help boost you to the top.
  • Google Coupons help you stand out from the competition. Think about it, if you were trying to choose between multiple businesses that offer the same service or product, wouldn’t you rather go with the business that is offering a coupon or discount? People love to think they’re getting a deal and many people are likely to use your product or service just because there is a discount. Bottom line, your coupon can help you stand out in a crowd of competitors.
  • Google Coupons give you a way to reach out to your customer and gain customer loyalty. If you’re offering coupons to rope in new customers as well as reward existing ones, you’re building customer loyalty. Your customers will remember that your business gave them a really great deal and the next time they need your product or service they’ll call on you. Also they’ll recommend the great deal you gave them to friends, opening up a whole new world of potential customers.

Local Splash would be happy to set up your Google Coupons for you. If you’re ready to get started, give our customer service representatives a call at 877-63-LOCAL.

Local Splash is happy to announce the official launch of the Local Splash Refer-A-Friend program! This program allows our current clients to earn free service credits when they refer their friends to Local Splash.

The details are pretty simple:
1) Go to www.localsplash.com/refer-a-friend
2) Fill out the form completely.
3) We will receive the referral information and contact your “friend.”
4) Once your friend signs up for Local Splash service and stays with us for 31 days, you will receive an automatic credit for your next billable month of basic service – up to a $159 value! (If you are getting Google AdWords, that charge will still be incurred.)

There is no limit to how many friends you can refer. The more friends that you refer and sign up with our service, the more free months of basic service you will receive!

If you have any questions about the Local Splash Refer-a-Friend program or about our service in general, please call your account manager at 877-635-6225 or write us an e-mail at [email protected]