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It’s no secret that our local SEO strategies work. We have over 10,000 happy clients, including dozens of Fortune 500 national brand clients to verify that. Our company is made up of respected industry experts with 7+ years of experience in local search marketing. Compare that to only “months” that many other local SEO companies have been in operation.

Local Splash was named the #84 fastest growing business by Inc. 500 in 2011 and #113 in 2010. It is led by innovative, recognized industry leaders in local SEO who are often invited to speak at events and conferences.

Local Splash was featured on NBC 17 in North Carolina. During an interview, one of our valued customers discussed the importance of verified listings (one of our local SEO services) to avoid maps profiles being hijacked by competitors. Check out the video here.

Still need some convincing? We’ll let our clients do the talking. See for yourself how we help companies get found online. We update this page with new reviews from our clients often so be sure to check back.

Extra Space Storage – 1000+ Locations throughout the U.S.

Our partnership with Local Splash has been a huge success. More importantly, it has been a measurable success. They provide great tracking data and let me know exactly how well our online listings are performing. Two years ago, Extra Space Storage had minimal Internet presence. Today, our online exposure is growing at a faster rate than any of our competition. It is through Local Splash’s proven methods and technology that we have to thank for our web exposure success!
Scott Jensen, Director of Interactive Marketing

Hewlett Electric – San Jose, CA

I was just calling in regards to my Local Splash listing. Basically, they are doing a great job for me. I am busy 5-7 days a week and I have been a customer with them for over a year and they are doing a great job. I couldn’t give them enough praise, they are a very good company. My advertising campaign is going great! Thank you very much.
Meigs Hewlett, Owner

Cabinets Plus – Murfreesboro, TN

Since Local Splash contacted me in October 2010 I have never been happier with an Internet service. It was just as they said “my billboard was on a country road that no one traveled”… Within a week of my purchase, the phone started ringing and the customers told me they had found my web page on-line. I have closed every sale that has come from these calls. A total of two since November and working on two more to close in the next week. This is great for this time of year! People do not remodel their kitchen around the holidays and the ones that do, found ME!
Jeanine Lasseter, Owner

Minnesota Tree Surgeons – Minneapolis, MN

I’ve been getting a lot more calls just spread out and a lot more jobs spread out into different towns that I know wouldn’t have come up… I’m happy with it!
Brian Mickelson, Owner