With social media networks like Facebook and Twitter dominating the space, why should your company pay any attention to the new kid on the block, Google+? Here are 10 reasons why Google+ is great for businesses.

  1. Google+ has only been around a few months but already has 170 million users. Clearly the network is growing rapidly and is on its way to being the new place to be for brands and individuals alike.
  2. Google+ is indexed by Google, which means using Google+ can help customers find your business faster and easier.
  3. Creating a business page on Google+ will help increase your online visibility.
  4. It’s easy to share and rank other people’s posts and comment on Google+.
  5. Google+ offers a variety of sharing options including posts, photos, videos, etc.
  6. You can use Circles on Google+ to target your audience better so you’re always sharing the most relevant content to the people who will be interested in seeing it.
  7. 60% of Google+ users log in every day, compared to only 50% of Twitter users who log in every day.
  8. Google Hangouts can be used to host Q&A sessions or other educational events with customers via video chat.
  9. Sites on Google+ tend to be indexed very quickly and +1 links may rank higher in the search results.
  10. It’s easy to create multimedia posts on Google+ because of its integration with YouTube and Picasa.