FacebookadvertisingFacebook is currently broadcasting an online boot camp on its Facebook Marketing Solutions page to help teach others about using the social network for marketing purposes. One topic Facebook covered was how to be successful using Facebook Ads. Here are some key takeaway tips from the presentation:

1. Define your strategy. Figure out what you want to achieve with Facebook advertising. Do you want to drive more sales or increase your Facebook page’s fan base? Define specific goals before you begin writing your ads.

2. Create compelling Facebook ads. Write multiple versions of the same ad and target the same audience. Then use Facebook Reporting and Analytics to figure out which ad is performing best and use that as your primary ad. When you’re creating content, keep in mind that people love offers and promotions. Also, it’s important to always include a call to action and a sense of urgency. Let the viewers know that this offer isn’t going to stick around forever; they need to act now!

3. Use Page Post ads. These new Facebook ads help you reach your fans and their friends. There are many types of Page Post ads including status updates, links, questions, photos, videos, etc. Using Page Post ads you can target posts to your fans and friends of fans (potential new fans).

4. Choose an engaging image for your ad. Ads with photos that show actual people using your product or service have been more successful than ads without an engaging photo.

5. Check the results of your ad every couple days. To be sure that your ad is performing, checking your ad every few days is a smart move. If you notice that your ad isn’t getting a lot of impressions or clicks, you may want to freshen up your content.

Follow these Facebook advertising tips and you’ll be engaging your target audience on the social network in no time. For more Facebook marketing tips, watch the Marketing Talks and Bootcamp on the Facebook Marketing Solutions page.