Have you called Local Splash with questions?

Jose Castro, Client Support SpecialistIf you are a Local Splash client, you may have spoken to Jose Castro or one of his associates. Together, they make up Client Support. Every member of the team is an experienced SEO certified expert. Their focus is:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Client account completion
  • Client information accuracy
  • Staying atop SEO best practices and tactics
  • Ensuring our client’s return on investment

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Seth Godin“Reach your existing customer base. Not with repetitive noise, but with genuine, personal, useful messages that they want to receive.”

SETH GODIN is the author of 17 books about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing and leadership. His blog, simply titled Seth’s Blog, is one of the most popular in the world.
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As Google celebrates its 15th Anniversary, Local Splash Founder David Rodecker discusses the advantages of using Google+ to improve local search visibility for businesses.

For any local business, Google+ is a social media channel too valuable to ignore.

The best local marketing your business can have is word of mouth. These days, word of mouth is happening online and reaching far beyond your neighborhood. The challenge is to be sure your customers easily find your local business, whether they hear about you in person or online.

That’s where Local Splash can help.