Initiating a Facebook ad campaign? The key to boosting customer engagement and conversion lies in choosing the perfect Call to Action (CTA). Think of your CTA as the crucial link that moves potential customers from curiosity to decisive action.

Each CTA is designed with a unique goal in mind, whether it’s to attract new leads, foster direct customer interactions, or prompt immediate responses.

What Call to Action Do You Want for Your Ad Campaign?

Selecting the perfect Call to Action (CTA) affects how viewers engage with your advertisement and ultimately, determines the effectiveness of your campaign.

For businesses providing local services, choosing a CTA that prompts swift and relevant action aligns perfectly with the immediate needs of prospective clients. If you begin by thinking about your customers’ needs, you will place yourself ahead of competing advertisers in your market.  

Business owners have three distinct CTA options to integrate into their campaigns: Facebook Form Fill, Calls, or Facebook Messenger. Each option is tailored for different facets of customer interaction and lead generation:

  • Facebook Form Fill focuses on gathering lead data efficiently.
  • Calls facilitate immediate voice contact.
  • Facebook Messenger offers a dynamic platform for instant messaging and engagement.

Understanding how each CTA works and its advantages will help you tailor your Facebook ads to meet your business objectives and enhance customer interaction. Let’s explore how each option can optimize your campaign’s impact:

If Facebook Form Fill is Selected

Choosing the Facebook Form Fill option allows you to collect information directly through your ad. When a potential customer fills out a form embedded in your Facebook Ad, their contact details are sent directly to you via email and SMS. This real-time information allows you to promptly follow-up. 

We recommend reaching out to these potential customers as quickly as possible to maximize conversion opportunities. All collected leads are conveniently stored under the ‘Leads’ tab on your client dashboard in Local Splash, ensuring you never miss out on a prospect!

Best Practices (FB Form Fill):

  • Data Collection: There are four essential fields in the form (services you are looking for, your name, phone number, and city). 
  • Follow-Up Strategy: Set up automated responses to acknowledge receipt of the form submission and have a clear plan for follow-up contacts – ideally within 24 hours – to capitalize on the lead’s interest.
  • Graphic Suggestion: A flowchart showing the step-by-step process from form submission to follow-up.

If Calls are Selected

If direct communication is your goal, selecting ‘Calls’ as your CTA will enable customers to contact you immediately. When a potential customer clicks your ad’s ‘Call Now’ button, it initiates a phone call to your business. 

This option is ideal for service-based businesses benefitting from real-time conversations, such as emergency repairs or consultations. Please note that while you can track the volume of calls in your client dashboard under the Facebook Ads tab, Facebook does not provide caller ID or further details about the callers. Please note, Facebook defines the call volume as estimated and in development. 

Best Practices (Calls):

  • Preparation for Call Volume: Ensure your team is ready to handle an increased call volume. Consider using a dedicated line for Facebook leads to track performance and responsiveness.
  • Training: Train staff on handling calls effectively, ensuring they can convert calls into appointments or sales by being knowledgeable about your services and promotions.
  • Graphic Suggestion: A checklist of preparation steps or a diagram of the call handling process.

If Facebook Messenger is Selected

Real messenger lead

Real Messenger Lead

The Facebook Messenger option is optimal if your goal is to enhance customer interaction and service. Ensure that you have the Messenger app downloaded to your smartphone to manage communications effectively. 

This CTA allows potential customers to message you directly from the ad, facilitating a faster and more personalized response. To comply with Facebook’s messaging policy, reply to these messages within 24 hours. This approach ensures you never miss a business inquiry and helps build strong customer relationships.

A Facebook Messenger campaign opens with a dialogue to the prospect, and asks automated questions that Local Splash sets up. These questions include by default: 

  • What services are you looking for? 
  • What is your phone number? 
  • What is your city? 

At least one question is required for Facebook to publish the ad.  

Best Practices (FB Messenger):

  • Quick Response: Since timeliness is essential, consider setting up automated greetings and responses for common inquiries to maintain engagement until a human can respond.
  • Messenger Management: Regularly update your Messenger settings to manage expectations, such as setting office hours or automated messages for off-hours. Ask us how your ads can be scheduled to run during business hours.
  • Graphic Suggestion: An example chat showing the practical use of automated messages and human interaction.

Crafting Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook ads tab dashboard

Facebook Ads Tab Dashboard

When setting up your Facebook ad, choose the right visuals and copy that resonate with your target audience. The ad should catch the eye and communicate the value of your offer, compelling the viewer to take action through your well-chosen CTA.

Selecting the best CTA is more strategic than simply adding a button to your ad; it’s about understanding and aligning with the needs and behaviors of your target demographic. 

By tailoring your CTAs to fit your campaign objectives, you can effectively guide potential customers through their journey from awareness to action, optimizing engagement and conversions for your business.

Incorporating the right Call to Action in your Facebook ads will maximize engagement and drive conversions. By understanding and implementing these best practices tailored to each type of Facebook ad CTA, you can enhance your campaign’s effectiveness and better connect with your target audience. 

For more detailed guidance or to explore how LocalSplash can help optimize your Facebook advertising, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to support your business’s growth and ensure you get the most out of your advertising efforts.