AndroidjellybeanAccording to Search Engine Land, Google recently announced its improved Google search user interface, a Siri-like female voice that will read you search results and Google Now, an application that takes your calendar, location and other data inputs and gives you information it thinks you can use.

Google’s response to Apple’s Siri: Google recently announced its improved voice search including a female assistant that reads certain categories of search results out loud. This new assistant was presented as an extension of voice search.

Google Now: To access Google Now, you will be able to touch the search box to get information based on your current location, the time of day and your Google calendar. This could include information on the local businesses around you, sports scores and train/bus schedules; anything Google thinks you may be interested in at that current time based on the information it can gather about you.

These updates will be part of Jelly Bean, the new update for Android which will be available to the public in mid-July. Have you started your mobile marketing campaign? Check out Local Splash’s mobile marketing services here.