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Check out the top SEO, search engine and Internet marketing industry news stories from around the Web this week.

Only 49% of Marketers Have Integrated Social Into Brand Building
According to a recent report from Forrester Research, only 49% of marketers have fully integrated social media into their marketing strategy despite all the hype surrounded by the marketing technique. The study also revealed that 92% of marketers realize its importance, agreeing that social media has “fundamentally changed how consumers engage with brands.”

Google Analytics Adds Backlinks Tracking to Social Reports
Google Analytics Social Reports is now offering marketers a look into their link graph with backlink tracking. The new backlinks reporting displays backlink URLs, post titles and links to page analytics and activity.

Google’s April Updates: Bigger & Tiered Index, Document Ranking, Sitelink Changes & More
According to Search Engine Land, Google posted a list of 53 changes it made in April that affect search results. Read about the changes in detail here.

Google Hangouts On Air Lives Broadcasting Ability Coming to All Google+ Users
Google is in the process of launching Hangouts On Air which allows all users of the social network to broadcast their Hangouts live for the world to see. The videos will be automatically recorded and uploaded to YouTube and the user’s Google+ profile for easy sharing.

Google Webmaster Tools Cleans Up With Dashboards, New Navigation and More
Google recently announced that they have updated the Webmaster tools including an improved dashboard, a new left-hand navigation and a new home compact view. Read more about these new changes here.