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Because there is much less video content online than text content, your video has a greater chance of showing up in the search results than your web pages. That is, as long as your video is optimized correctly. Before you upload your video to YouTube, make sure your target audience can find it, by optimizing the video with relevant keywords. Here’s how.

1. Save your video to your computer. Put a keyword in the name of the file. For instance, in this example, the video is about local SEO so the name of the video is called “LocalSEO.”

2. Right click on the video and choose “Properties.” Click to the “Details” tab on Properties and add your keywords to the Title, Subtitle, and Tags sections.


3. Sign in to YouTube or create your account. Click the “Upload” button at the top right hand side of the page. Then choose “Select files from your computer” and choose your video file.

4. While your file is uploading, fill out the “Basic Info,” with your keywords. Give your video a descriptive, eye-catching title that includes an important keyword. Fill in your description with keyword-rich content and add relevant keywords to your tags. Choose the best category for your video and set your privacy settings to “Public.” Once it says upload complete, click “Save changes” at the bottom of the page.


5. Your optimized YouTube video is now ready to share! Post it to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit and anywhere else you can think of online to spread the word about your business.

Youtube time watchedAccording to the YouTube Blog, YouTube is now rewarding videos that keep users’ attention longer with higher search rankings. This means if your video is engaging and people watch the entire thing, (rather than watching only a few seconds then jumping to the next one); search rankings for that video will increase.

“This is a continuation of ongoing efforts to focus our video discovery features on watch time, and follows changes we made to Suggested Videos in March and recent improvements to YouTube Analytics,” says YouTube in the blog post.

During the experimental phase of this new algorithm change, YouTube noticed there was less clicking and more watching going on. The company expects the amount of time spent watching videos to increase. A new “Time Watched” reporting tool was added to YouTube Analytics so now you can check out how long your viewers are staying on your videos in order to better understand what your audience enjoys and is more likely to share.

Video content creationOne great way to market your company online is with an entertaining or informational video. Videos are popular and often shared online, which means your company can get more exposure to potential customers as well as keep your brand in front of your current customers’ eyes with video marketing. Want to make a video but not sure how to begin? Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when creating the content for your first company video.

1. Have a goal in mind. Why are you creating this video? Is it to inform your potential customers about something? Is it to entertain your customers to improve your relationship with them? Who exactly do you want to reach? What measurable results to you want to achieve?

2. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. What are they interested in? Would they respond well to a funny or educational video? Think about what you would want to share with your friends, coworkers and family if you were your target audience then try to put that into your video.

3. Tell a story. People remember stories a lot better than they remember random facts and figures. People also respond a lot better to something they can connect with emotionally. A story to follow will help you convey your message in a way your target audience is more likely to enjoy and remember.

4. Show your audience what your product/service can do for them. This video is not about your company, it’s about your audience. They want to know how your product/service can improve their lives (i.e. save them time, money, bring them entertainment, etc.). In your video, make sure you show them.

5. Include a call to action. At the end of the video, let your viewers know what you want them to do, whether it be call, visit your website, or share your video with others.