A new study from Chitika showed that 43% of total Google search queries (both mobile and PC) have local intent. The study also showed that 25% of Yahoo and Bing searches are local. Two years ago, Google reported that 20% of all Google searches (on PC) were local. Since then, Google has improved its local search and Map applications, resulting in a 23% growth in local search queries.

According to Screenwerk, Google recently announced that 50% of mobile search is now local, an increase from 40% in 2011. However, Chitika’s breakdown of Mobile vs. Non-Mobile results shows that 74% of local search on Google is mobile and 26% is from a PC.

Consumers searching for local businesses from their mobile phones have clearly made an impact on the amount of local queries. It is more important now than ever for businesses to focus on getting ranked in the local search results.