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Want to know how to use Pinterest as a way to connect with your potential and current customers? Here are some tips to help you utilize the popular social network to reach your target audience.

  • Fill out your profile completely. Use keywords in your profile to make it more searchable. That will help make sure your target audience is finding your profile and pins.
  •  Pin to multiple boards. In order to develop an interesting presence on Pinterest, you need to pin to multiple boards rather than just one. This will help you appeal to a variety of your target audience’s interests and keep them coming back to see what interesting pins you’ll post next.
  • Always include a link with your photo. If you upload your photo from your desktop rather than from a URL, make sure to go back in and edit the photo to include a link. For example, if you upload an awesome infographic from your desktop that your company created, but forget to add a link, when a user clicks on it, it goes nowhere. If you add a link, they could be taken to a page on your company’s blog that elaborates on the information presented in the infographic. Once the user is led to your website, they will be more likely to explore it and learn more about your products and services.

Stay tuned for part 2 where you will find more useful tips for using Pinterest for business!

Google is celebrating Halloween with an interactive haunted house doodle on the homepage of the site. Clicking on the different doors of the haunted house reveals ghosts, monsters and ghouls and even clicking on the house’s surroundings bring other creatures to life.

The haunted house doodle isn’t Google’s only way of spookifying Google.com; Halloween is taking over the search results too! When users search for a horror movie and year, bats appear on the page along with the search results. Putting your cursor over the bats makes them fly away. See for yourself: Go to Google.com and click on the different doors of the haunted house. Then search for “Halloween 1978” or “The Shining 1980” and check out the bats hanging upside-down on the right. Happy Halloween!

A new study from Chitika showed that 43% of total Google search queries (both mobile and PC) have local intent. The study also showed that 25% of Yahoo and Bing searches are local. Two years ago, Google reported that 20% of all Google searches (on PC) were local. Since then, Google has improved its local search and Map applications, resulting in a 23% growth in local search queries.

According to Screenwerk, Google recently announced that 50% of mobile search is now local, an increase from 40% in 2011. However, Chitika’s breakdown of Mobile vs. Non-Mobile results shows that 74% of local search on Google is mobile and 26% is from a PC.

Consumers searching for local businesses from their mobile phones have clearly made an impact on the amount of local queries. It is more important now than ever for businesses to focus on getting ranked in the local search results.