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According to the YouTube Blog, YouTube is now rewarding videos that keep users’ attention longer with higher search rankings. This means if your video is engaging and people watch the entire thing, (rather than watching only a few seconds then jumping to the next one); search rankings for that video will increase.

“This is a continuation of ongoing efforts to focus our video discovery features on watch time, and follows changes we made to Suggested Videos in March and recent improvements to YouTube Analytics,” says YouTube in the blog post.

During the experimental phase of this new algorithm change, YouTube noticed there was less clicking and more watching going on. The company expects the amount of time spent watching videos to increase. A new “Time Watched” reporting tool was added to YouTube Analytics so now you can check out how long your viewers are staying on your videos in order to better understand what your audience enjoys and is more likely to share.

Ever since Google made the transition from Google Places to Google+ Local it’s been hard to determine whether a business page has been claimed and verified. Local Splash’s tech team looked into this and discovered how to tell if a page has been claimed and verified.

It doesn’t matter whether a business has been claimed of verified, it always contains the “Is This Your Business?” section with the “Manage this page” button:

The way to tell whether the page has been claimed and verified is to click on the “Manage this page” button. The page you see after that determines whether the page is claimed and verified.

If the page is claimed and verified, clicking “Manage this page” will take you to the Phone Lookup page:

If the page has not been claimed and verified, after clicking the “Manage this page” button you’ll arrive at the Place Page Claim page.

Exception to this rule: The above is true as long as the Google account you are signed into has not claimed any prior Google+ Local pages. If you have previously claimed (claimed, not verified) any pages, then clicking the “Manage this page” button will take you to your Google Places dashboard.

Our new video tells the story of Ashley, the small business owner whose coffee shop is suffering due to competition from large corporations. Ashley realizes the Yellow Pages is no longer the best place for her to advertise her business. She knows that most consumers use the Internet to find information about local companies, but she doesn’t know how to begin getting her coffee shop found online. Can you relate? Find out what she did to get noticed.

Watch the video: