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According to Search Engine Land, Google recently announced its improved Google search user interface, a Siri-like female voice that will read you search results and Google Now, an application that takes your calendar, location and other data inputs and gives you information it thinks you can use.

Google’s response to Apple’s Siri: Google recently announced its improved voice search including a female assistant that reads certain categories of search results out loud. This new assistant was presented as an extension of voice search.

Google Now: To access Google Now, you will be able to touch the search box to get information based on your current location, the time of day and your Google calendar. This could include information on the local businesses around you, sports scores and train/bus schedules; anything Google thinks you may be interested in at that current time based on the information it can gather about you.

These updates will be part of Jelly Bean, the new update for Android which will be available to the public in mid-July. Have you started your mobile marketing campaign? Check out Local Splash’s mobile marketing services here.

We just received our Monthly Product Update from Google Analytics and thought it would be a great idea to share what’s new with our readers. This month, Google is focusing on integrating more mobile tools into Analytics. There’s a new Analytics App that allows users to view their Analytics account from their mobile phones as well as a new tool to measure the success of your Mobile Apps.

Google Analytics App for Android: This app allows you to access the same accounts you can from your desktop browser on your mobile phone. Now you can check out your Analytics reports on-the-go.

Mobile App Analytics: This new tools allows mobile developers and marketers to measure metrics such as new/active users, engagement metrics such as visitor flow, loyalty and app crashes and outcome metrics such as goal conversions and in-app purchases. This tool will help mobile developers create better apps that their customers will respond to.

Intelligence Alerts: These alerts are now in your Google Analytics dashboard. Gone are the days you must click on the Intelligence tab or check your email to see your alerts.

Browser Size Analysis: Find out what your users are actually seeing “above the fold” on your website with this new tool. This will allow you to tweak the design of your homepage to ensure your customers are seeing the most important aspects of the page.

According to the “Mobile Audience Insights Report,” recently published by JiWire, about 80% of consumers want the ads on their mobile smartphones to be relevant to their location. The report also shows that about 75% of the consumers who have seen location-targeted ads on their mobile devices have taken some kind of action after viewing it. Thirty-one percent of consumers clicked on the locally-targeted ad, 21% searched for the business’s location closest to them and 21% researched the brand further after seeing the mobile advertisement.

The report also showed that the way people responded to the local ads varied depending on what kind of mobile device they were using. Twenty-five percent of iPhone users were more likely to research the company after viewing the ad, 25% of Android users were more likely to search for the closet business location and 21% of Blackberry users were most likely to make a purchase immediately after viewing.

To view all of the findings, check out the full report from JiWire here.